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Your business must be based in Largs or District
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Registration, corrections and updates are free though we reserve the right in future to pass on our costs (maybe a small fee, £5 - £10, giving notice here first!). We may be able to put up a single webpage for you free at our discretion, if we have time, and if you provide suitable text (and maybe a picture). Note that due to our business constraints, additions and updates will normally only be processed from 1st November to 28th February any year. As this form is now automatically processed (subject to our approval), the chances are high it will be added fairly quickly even from March thru October.

It's unlikely we'll accept advertising for the time being.

Our website has ranked 1st (2005) for over 5 years, for "Largs" on google, altavista, yahoo, ask (jeeves), AOL, MSN + other search engines, and very high on other keywords. We don't check visitors, but we think it gets a couple of hundred every day. Being listed here will help get visitors to your business and website.

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