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Article published around April 1999
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Jim Perman explores the controversial issue in a series of articles

Largs Common Good

During the last few weeks Richard Wilkinson and Alan Hill have been reported as having an interest in resolving various matters in relation to the Common Good, especially with respect to the seafront carpark.

It seems that they, and possibly others, may have different interpretations of what exactly happened in the 1920s and up to date.

So that everyone has the same information, and there can be no political bias, I will provide the Largs & Millport Weekly News with all of the related facts from documents and information which have been provided to me from various sources.

Over the next four weeks we will trace the history of the Largs Common Good, and why it was set up the way it was, to the 'missing' £150,000 as at March 1998, and the parts played by officers and members of Largs Town Council, Cunninghame District Council and North Ayrshire Council, as well as a previous investigation by the Accounts Commission.

The articles will not be heavily technical, although technical documents will be used as sources, and so everyone will be able to understand what went on and can result in a full and open debate of the issues with a view to a satisfactory resolution of them in due course.

At this point I wish to acknowledge the assistance of Jim, Sandy and Douglas of the Law Department of Napier University over the past 5 years for keeping me in the right direction on legal matters.

Next week: In the beginning.......

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