Controversial Planning Applications

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Local Planning Applications

Largs is seeing a spate of planning applications recently, some like the Nardinis one which should be accepted by all parties, some like Sefton which shouldn't. What residents of Largs don't want to see is 4-storey flats spoiling the skyline, obscuring the seafront, and generally spoling the amenity of the area. In spite of hundreds of objections the 4-storey building application near the golf club has been given the go-ahead, apparently without actual inspection of the area, and now there's another one to demolish Sefton, and build a 4-story flat building instead. Residents of Largs look to our local council, North Ayrshire Council (NAC), to protect our amenities and preserve the character of the area. As residents of Largs, we need to make the council aware of our concerns, so that they can better represent us, and this is the reason we are happy to help local residents object against out of place building planning applications.

The Sefton application is for a 4-storey block of flats. You can download the objection letter, and send it to North Ayrshire Council to let them know we just don't want it as it spoils our town. Please, NAC, listen to our concerns and take the appropriate action on our behalf.

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