Season 2001 - 2002

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 4th goal against Darvel - animated

Thistle are the premier Football side in Largs, and past Scottish Junior Cup Winners. Their home is Barrfields. They are in the West of Scotland 1st Division superleague, having been last year's Ayrshire 2nd Division champions! Stuart McAulay's excellent Largs Thistle Site is best for online news, and we have stuff from season (2000-2001).

If you want to help the local committee, phone Match Secretary Derek Keenan on 686342.

Full match reports by Calum Corral are, as always, in the Largs and Millport Weekly News.

Team Achieved PlayedPoints
Largs 76.2% 2148
Hurlford 71.4% 2145
Beith 68.3% 2143
Troon 65.1% 2141
Irvine Vics 33.3% 2121
Muirkirk 23.8% 2115
Kello 23.8% 2115
Craigmark 17.5% 2111
 6th goal against Darvel - animated

3rd May: Thistle in 1st place, need 1 point to virtually secure the championship. our US style table (left - order by points earned as a percentage of possible points) shows Thistle in 1st place, after recent wins against nearly everyone. Thistle have an excellent goal difference with around 56 goals for and 14 against. Beith have 38-20, Troon 32-26, Hurlford 33-15 and Irvine Vics 37-54. Check Stuart's results and coming fixtures.

Thistle Squad: Kenny Meechan, John Sheridan, Danny Boland, Alex McWatters, Robert Wraith, Neil Murray, Dougie Brown, Bobby Donaghy, Michael Hart, Stephen Quigg, Allan Blaikie. Billy Davidson, Gordon Graham, Alan Colsh, Derek Love, Gordon Smith, Derek Raeburn. Paul Mills.

This list is not up to date, previous players are: Graeme Hepburn, Gordon Dunlop, Rashid Sarwar, Stuart Gray, Barry Fulton.

Manager: Frank Lovering, Coach: George Wall, Ian Gray. President: Andy McPherson

Below are some pictures from last season.

Monday 21st May 2001 Largs Thistle v Darvel 6-0

 Hart - 5th Goal against Darvel  Wraith - 6th Goal against Darvel

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