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 Cumbrae Slip  Cumbrae Slip  Cumbrae Slip  Cumbrae Slip  Cumbrae Slip

Prices until 25 March 2010. Buy before boarding.
Bicycles free, children under 5 free, 5-15 half fare.

5 return
Island Rover
8 day
Island Rover
15 day
Passenger (each) £ 3.10£13.45£46.50£67.00
Car £ 16.65£ 49.00£223.00£334.00
(up to)
5m £ 16.65£ 49.00£223.00£334.00
8m £ 25.00£ 74.00£335.00£502.00
10m £ 33.30£ 98.00£446.00£668.00
or Trailer
(up to)
2.5m £ 8.35n/a £111.00£168.00
5m £ 16.65n/a £223.00£334.00
8m £ 25.00n/a £335.00£502.00
Motorcycle £ 8.35£ 24.5£111.00£168.00

Phone Caledonian MacBrayne: Largs - 01475-674134, General Enquiries 0800 066 5000.

Island Rovers are a great way of touring the islands, just make sure you book when possible (some routes you can't book).

As a rough guide, prices rise about 2% every year, though RET may reduce the prices on some routes.

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Say NO to putting the Calmac crossings out to tender

This year I've been on most Calmac crossings, mostly several times. Talking to islanders, passengers (and Calmac crew of course), nobody but nobody, wants the service taken away from Calmac. More ferries, yes, later crossings most definitely, cheaper fares, why not, better schedules maybe, but while people may not be entirely happy with Calmac, they - we - all know anybody else will be far worse, and that there'll be massive disruption as incompetent operators come in with no local knowledge and screw up the service, reliability, safety, schedules and probably prices. Calmac have many years of service to the islands and know their job. Unfortunately there are a few faceless no brain sad life bureaucrats in Edinburgh, and a number of politicians with no balls who will not say NO to the landlocked European Parliament who don't live on our islands, and don't travel on our ferries. Tell them what you think of it, and them.

Comments below haven't really changed in 6 years and are out of date - no peak fares, bikes are free, success!

Peak sailing prices apply in Summer on a Saturday from 0915 until 1715, and the special 2215 Friday sailing. Island Rover tickets are valid on nearly all of Calmac's many crossings (except Small Isles and Iona), and your bicycle goes free. Be aware however that you'll be charged a moronic surcharge on your multi-journey or rover ticket if you travel on a peak sailing. 2004 - this has changed at last, there is now no surcharge on these tickets.

Many people don't realise that peak fares do not apply in winter, and it's only foolish bean counters think they should be used at all. Better to have positive all year round deals for locals to encourage more use, especially for islanders who have no choice but use the ferry - or swim. It needs some initiative like a "Friends of Calmac" card (®TM not!) at £5 or so, with the usual discounts. Or a frequent travellers club. We could dispense with the executive lounge all the same, though a fire in winter would be handy.

Editor's Choice for cyclists only: 5 (return) journey ticket valid for 6 months costing £12.40 for an adult before March 2006, £6.20 a child - Bicycles go FREE instead of that £2 charge which is as unpopular with island hirers as it is with us. In summer there is a large extra surcharge for peak sailings which is a bit of a shame, but apart from that it's good value for cyclists. Maybe they could make it valid for a year all the same, and there are hopes the universally despised peak fares will vanish.

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The staff at Largs are friendly and the ferries do seem to run punctually and in almost any weather, making this a highly reliable service, and the start of an enjoyable trip to the very hospitable cycling isle of Cumbrae and town of Millport. A reliable bus service meets the ferry, £2 return, £1 children. There was also in Summer 2000/2001 an open top tour bus, every 45 minutes from 9.45 at Millport Pier (no 12.45 run), 15 minutes to Cumbrae Slip, then running round the west side of the island; last trip 16.30 to Cumbrae Slip only.

March 4th 2001: The nearly unsignposted toilets in the free car park at Cumbrae Slip are spotless and fresh, though the disabled toilet at the back was locked for some reason. The Cumbrae Slip will be getting an electronic information board for up-to-date information about ferry sailings. We suggest that at Largs they also display a large board with the time of the last ferry back from Millport. Pity the ferries don't run a little later at night . . .

. . . Local MSP Allan Wilson is actively talking to the Scottish Parliament Transport Minister (Sarah Boyack), Calmac and other bodies to keep the extra winter sailings on Friday, and to extend them. He is also trying to get rid of the peak fares. The councillor for Largs West and Cumbrae, Alan Hill, has also been campaigning for the later ferries, give them both your full support!

Mike Blair, marketing director of Calmac is presently (March 2001) in the US on a roadshow to promote Calmac, ferries, whisky and Scotland. We wish him luck as even though not directly affected, everybody benefits indirectly from increased tourism in Scotland. Perhaps Millport should get its own malt whisky. There's more Cumbrae information on Millport's own website, and a little on ours.

Phone Calmac: Largs - 01475-674134, General Enquiries 0800 066 5000

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