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Off-peak fares start on the 9.53 a.m. at £7.95 return
Bikes go free on all ScotRail trains
Normal day return is £11.30
Check details at station.
Prices Nov 2009.

Children under 5 free, 5-15 half price.

You can break your journey at stations along the route of travel.

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April 30 2001: the first brand new 90mph Juniper luxury train arrived as promised, and was never seen again for days. These trains have had as many teething problems as the type on the Edinburgh run, and far more than The Rocket ever did. That's progress. But it is far more comfortable (when you get one in working condition) than the old boneshaker, which is still being used until the Juniper gets to stop breaking down in Fairlie. Guess what though - the journey time to Glasgow is just the same, in fact longer since they decided the Largs trains should stop in the new station of Howwood or whatever they call it these days.

January 2001: Technicians from the builders Alstom of Birmingham are still working on the 40 train £120 million fleet, their work on the electronics was expected to be finished at the end of January 2002.

2004 update: They seem to work well now, but occasionally we still get the old trains.

It needs shorter journey times on the Largs to Glasgow run, more frequent, and more reliable trains. Otherwise the working day is too long. Incidentally that's one reason why the Edinburgh to Glasgow run is Scotrail's flagship service, because it's the one so many of our MSPs use daily. Go figure.

Our suggestion would be to try at least a couple of express trains every weekday, similar to the Ayr train. They could stop at every station to Ardrossan or Kilwinnning and then fast forward to Paisley and Glasgow, saving 10 minutes or more of the time. Especially if they cut out the delay you often seem to get around the Fairlie coal trains. Investment would be needed, and the track to Ardrossan should be doubled up again.

Railtrack are now back on track, it seems, (2004 update - well, there again, Railroad Tycoons indeed) but ScotRail or Strathclyde Passenger Transport have made the Glasgow to Largs timetable even more unmemorable with all the different timings on Sunday. Shurely it would be better to try and achieve regular and memorable times past the hour.

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On Tuesday the 11th July 1995 the 0615 from Glasgow tried to go down the Main street. We don't know if this is the same train that, weeks previously, skidded straight on through Johnstone Station and had to reverse back to drop off passengers. Brian Wilson, MP for North Ayrshire, was a staunch supporter of the electrification of the Largs line. Apparently Railtrack told him they planned to restore Largs Station to its former glory - and better - by the end of the year 2000. 2002 - we got a bus shelter instead. Uh huh. Whoops, it's now 2004 and they're still all waffling and lying through their teeth. Get on the right track! And get that Park (for free) and Ride so's we can sit back and enjoy the scenery, and avoid buying what is still by far the most expensive petrol in Europe thanks to that Dick Turpin tax on petrol, stealing from the poor rural dweller and paying for urbane politicians chauffeurs. Or was that Robin Hood? 2004 update - there are a few parking places, not enough.

See pictures of the station as it was before restoration by Railtrack. We'll show pictures of the bus shelter they built, still it's a lot better than the Nissen hut. When will they spend the rest of the 1.5 million insurance on a better station? We hoped after waiting 5 years it would be as splendid as Wemyss Bay Station. Could we have (better designed) cycle lockers like Kilwinning has? Thanks. 2004 update - thanks indeed, as Largs has them it seems.

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Thought for the year: with the increasing success of Ryanair from Prestwick, and of the Troon to Larne Ferry (phone: 0870 24 24 777) crossing, maybe we could have some special through trains, or better co-ordination between the trains at Kilwinning?

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