Railway Station

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Railtrack are Restoring

The station as now, before Scotrail's announced rebuild,
with the shuttered front entrance and unmarked side one.
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 Here's the station,  or it used to be,  but it's disappeared!  I wonder what's in here?  Looks like an entrance.  What on earth is that?  Ticket office!  End of the line.  Do the buffers work?  Welcome to Largs, err, station.

Here's the station(1), or it used to be(2), but it's disappeared(3)! I wonder what's in here(4)? Looks like an entrance(5). What on earth is that(6)? Ticket office(7)! End of the line(8). Do the buffers work(9)? Welcome to our, err, station(10).

I seem to remember Largs station given an award for Scotland in Bloom?

The ticket office staff won an award for being the Friendliest in Scotland.

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