Fishing Boats on Foreshore

Largs is a small coastal town at the far north of North Ayrshire. It holds a warm place in the hearts of countless thousands, maybe even millions of people, for days out at the seaside, for chips on the seafront, for a wonderful sailing experience, for ice cream. For wonderful memories - of childhood - of youthful exuberance - of courting - of family holidays and days out - of whiling away hours in peaceful walks - of crashing thorough countless waves in search of a thrill - of boats passing to and fro along the front - of setting off to the Kyles of Bute or to Arran under sail - of countryside delights - of sports from golf to football to sailing, with many in between.

Largs became famous as a holiday destination at the beginning of the century, as one of the places "Doon the Watter" from Glasgow. It was an escape from the industrialised city for the annual holiday break, when whole families would come for a fortnight to enjoy what the coast had to offer. At that time, people would travel by bus, over relatively difficult roads, or steamer to reach Largs.

However, as the Sixties approached and people were feeling more affluent, package holidays were on offer and wider car ownership was becoming the norm. Towns like Largs began to lose out to places such as Spain and, in time, fewer people spent time in the town and the time they spent reduced. Many of the traditional holiday attractions of the time started to disappear. First, the steamers, then the small boats and the day fishing cruises withered and died. Finally, the family accomodation diminished significantly as hotels began to close and be demolished or turned into residential nursing homes. This whole process led to reduced holiday trade and eventually to a reduction in the commercial interest within the town.

Largs still depends to a large extent on tourism and, over recent years, has been fighting the decline in tourist numbers by improving the appearance of the town, introducing new attractions (including the Marina, the Sailing Academy, Vikingar, improvements to Kelburn and Muirshiel Park, opening Inverclyde to the public) developing the current infrastructure and improving the quality of service and accomodation, by private as well as public endeavour.

The Largs Initiative is another step in the re-generation of the town. By improving the commercial centre and encouraging residents to become involved in making the town once again a more comfortable and prosperous place for everyone who lives and visits, we aim to put Largs back as somewhere that not only holds distant fond memories for people from their childhood but also gives then ongoing satisfaction with a place where an excellent experience, of living and for visiting, can be had, on their very doorstep, " Doon the Watter".

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