The following represents an analysis of the town's aspirations to become a world class place to live, work, visit and do business.


  • Increasing interest in visitors and tourism as a business
  • Diversity and excellence of attractions within the town and its immediate surrounds
  • Outstanding scenery
  • Pretty town centre
  • Positive international perception
  • Warm memories and fondness of day-trip market
  • Variety and quality of accomodation
  • Number of large scale attractions
  • Positive contributions from members of the local business and residential community


  • Weak or poor customer awareness
  • Quality of some of the services available
  • Poor public transport infrastructure and parking
  • Seasonality
  • Weather patterns
  • Conservative attitudes
  • Negative / cynical attitudes among some members of the community
  • Variable service quality
  • Small business management skills
  • Lack of focus on marketing and development activities
  • Low "spend" of day trippers
  • Poor signage
  • Little Co-ordination of town
  • High street rates


  • Short break / activities market
  • Potential for strong promotional campaign
  • Station / surrounds refurbishment
  • Environmental improvements
  • Partnership ventures
  • Individuals to become involved
  • Day trippers
  • Activities and special interest markets
  • Group holidaymakers
  • Development of local 'trails'
  • Commitment of local people
  • Make change a positive driver
  • MOD!!!


  • Lack of civic pride
  • Competing demands for public sector support
  • Lack of co-ordination of effort in applying resources
  • Emergence of other 'day trip attractions' within Scotland and elsewhere
  • Failure to sign up to co-ordinated quality and other initiatives
  • Failure to maximise prominence within national consciousness and promotional activity
  • Failure to address areas weaknesses and develop its strengths
  • Perception of change as being 'bad'
  • Negative local attitudes
  • Potential in small communities for political infighting
  • Lack of funding
  • Business closures / lack of new openings due to high rates burden

This analysis shows Largs as having a lot of potential, with room for further improvement.



Finances will be sought from a variety of sources, including
  • Business subscription
  • North Ayrshire Council
  • Lottery
  • Large Company Sponsorship
  • Other sources
  • Public subscription
  • Enterprise Ayrshire
  • Awards for All
  • Community Grants

The financial strategy is as follows:

  1. Appoint Treasurer and Fund Raising Champions
  2. Encourage Champions to cost out action plans
  3. Identify specific cost implications of action plans
  4. Apply for funding for
    • Individual initiatives
    • Overall initiative
  5. Maintain and maximise ongoing fundraising
  6. Invite further business and public subscription

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