Short term (1999/2000)

  • Christmas Lights and Illuminations to become more attractive
  • Advertise for and identify 'champions' for initiatives
  • Develop the Yuletide event further as an excellent local event
  • Develop a number of 'quick-fix' environmental initiatives
  • Bring people together to achieve a unified strategy
  • Investigate Park and Ride
  • Investigate links with local tourism association
  • Identify funding sources and sources of expertise
  • Identify training initiatives for local businesses
  • Institute computer training initiative
  • Commence development of Largs web-site
  • Investigate ramifications of the MOD on local people and businesses

Medium Term (by 2002)

  • Prepare an excellent local offer for the MOD
  • Implement Park and Ride from north of the town to north of Fairlie
  • Create an integrated local information initiative
  • Increase local trade-to-trade activities
  • Increase use of local businesses by local people
  • Achieve ISO14001 - Environmental Improvement standard
  • Develop Campaigns for local:-
    • Shopping
    • Environment
    • Training
  • Develop links between:-
    • Town
    • Seafront
    • Marina
  • Link into a number of local visitor 'trails'

Long Term

  • Increase number of visitors
  • Increase number of bed-nights
  • Increase resident usage of local businesses
  • Input into Town Centre Development Plan
  • Input into traffic management
  • Win National Awards:-
    • Thistle
    • Scotland in Bloom
  • Ayrshire Business Awards
  • Other
  • Link into a number of visitor 'trails'
  • Create a vibrant local atmosphere
 North Promenade
 Main Street
 Gallowgate Street

" The largs vision
- 2000 and beyond"

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